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What Should Sony Name its PS3 Motion Controller?

Original source Kris Erickson • Jan 24, 2010


We’ve all heard of Microsoft’s Natal and Sony’s recently delayed PS3 motion controller. We even know a great deal about how each of these technologies operate, thanks to some nifty technology demonstrations at last year’s E3. What we don’t yet have from Sony is an official name for its device, which combines a brightly illuminated ball on the end of a hand-held wand (read the juvenile jokes here). Signs now suggest that we could be getting closer to an official announcement from Sony regarding product features and roll-out plans.

A rumor surfaced this week that Sony may have finally committed to a brand name for its new motion-sensing device. A website called was registered in the name of Sony Computer Entertainment, leading many to speculate that the new system will be called the Sony Arc.


If this turns out to be real, Arc is probably not a bad name. However, since anybody can register a website these days and Sony has made no official comment on the matter, we can’t be totally sure that Arc will end up being the actual product title. What do you think that they should call the peripheral when it arrives later this year? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, but here are some of our own ideas:
Playstation Sphere: An obvious choice, considering the shape of the controller.

Sony Fuse: A more abstract name that plays on the idea of a ‘fusion’ between the player’s movements and the action on-screen.

Sony Muv: Short and to the point.

Playstation Shift: Besides the fact that the device looks kind of like the gear shift in a car, this also plays on the whole movement theme.

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