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Why do companies just give away loads of expensive sought after gadgets, For FREE?

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You may be thinking how can it be possible for the Companies to give us free gadgets without paying a penny for them.

Referral marketing is the answer, It allows customers to receive highly priced free goods through what are essentially advertising websites (known as a referrals website).

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Basically when you sign up to an advertisers offer on the freebie site the advertiser pays the freebie network for your custom.
So you pay nothing and receive a Free IPhone, Free PS3, Free XBox 360, Free Laptop, Free PSP or Other Gift.

The freebie network pays £40 for an iPod shuffle for you but they get £20 – £30 pounds for each of your three referrals so make a profit.
The advertisers pay £60 in advertising but its still much cheaper than a newspaper or TV advert and they get three new customers who will spend money on their site.

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Visit the proof section for proof these sites work and are legit.

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Im going to explain it in simple terms as too many people are confused.

The Freebie Company say to you “Do you want this new iPhone”

You say “OOO, Yes please”

The freebie company says “If you get 27 people to sign up to offers through my site, You can have it”

You say “Sounds good to me”

How simple is that!

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