Q. Is this a pyramid Scheme

A. No, Certainly not. The way it works is on a commision basis 

Q. Can I really get a Games Console
for FREE!?

A. Yes, definitely!  As long as you have signed up and completed an offer yourself and fullfilled the requirements  you are eligible to get a free gift. These people from the Exceem – I received my item forum already have.

Q. Do I need to spend money to
complete offers?

A. No, there are a number of free offers/services available.
Even the offers where there is a small charge will only amount to a fraction of the cost of say a PS3 or Xbox 360. Some of them could even be useful to you such as a new bank account

Q. Which offers would you

A. The free ones are obviously very appealing and the ones most members try to complete. However all the offers/services provide good value when you look at their cost vs the retail price of a PS3 or Xbox 360. The LoveFilm Free Trial is the most popular UK Free Offer Completed.

I personally completed the LOVEFILM offer as I was going to join anyway.

Q. Can I get more than one

A. Certainly. Unlike some giveaway websites you can with FreebieJeebies. Once you have claimed your first item your account will be reset ready for you to claim another. Your offer completion will also be carried over so you will not have to complete another. This makes FreebieJeebies really appealing as some sites only let you get one item or make you complete another offer.

Q. Will I receive spam from you or

A. No. FreebieJeebies take their privacy policy very seriously and never pass on or sell your details. You will not get any unwanted emails from them.

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