Top 10 Reasons Why Xbox 360’s Project Natal Will Beat Waggle Control

Original Source Jason Wong • Jul 3, 2009

So every console has their own motion control system now. Nintendo has the Wii-mote. Sony is coming out with their ice cream cone controller. And Microsoft has Project Natal — a full-body 3D motion capture, facial recognition, and voice recognition system.

It’s obvious who’s leading in innovation. The Wii-mote is so 2006. Core gamers need cutting edge technology. Not something that Grandma uses on her Wii bowling nights. And Sony? They’re working on a motion controller, too? Didn’t they do that already? Oh yea, wait — it’s called the Sixaxis and look where it is now.

Let’s be frank, it’s ridiculous to compare the three systems when two of them haven’t even seen the light of day. It’s even more ridiculous to claim Microsoft’s Project Natal has got them all beat, based solely on E3 demonstrations and previews. But it’s downright outrageous to present a “Top Ten List Why Project Natal Will Beat Waggle Control.”

So here goes:

Number 10

No Wii-mote means no hand strap. We’re free. Free as a bird. Fly birdie, fly… oops.

10 flat_screen_tv_with_remote.jpg
Number 09

If you’re anything like Transformers’ star and well-known Wii-hater Shia LaBeouf, a broken hand + waggle control = automatic fail. For your own protection, do what Shia does — “Ask them if they have a Wii. If they say yes, get the f*** out of there.”

09 shia banana.jpg
Number 08

Girls love playing it. Nerds love watching.

08 hotties.jpg

Number 07

Jimmy Fallon says, “What? Go with waggle and forget about wearing matching red jumpsuits? The hell I will. I’m not crazy.”

07 Fallon natal.jpg

Number 06

As part of Gov. Schwarzenegger’s last ditch effort to combat child obesity, he will mandate teachers confiscate all contraband juice boxes and require PE classes teach one full hour of intense (simulated) physical sports activity. Oh snap! You just got served, Dance Dance Revolution.

06 PE.jpg

Number 05

I am the interface!

05 You are the interface.jpg
Number 04

I am the controller!

04a You are the controller.jpg

04b You are the controller.jpg

Number 03

Peter Molyneux’s “Milo” will revolutionize the way 30-year old guys meet 10-year old boys.

03 Milo.jpg
Number 02

Unlike Sony and their upcoming motion sensing system, with Natal and Milo Microsoft can safely avoid any pink-ball-on-a-stick jokes and skip straight to the “child predator simulator” references.

02a sony waggle.jpg

02b playstation balls of fun.jpg

Annnnnddddd… the top reason why Xbox 360’s Project Natal will beat waggle control:

Number 01

C’mon, waving your hands and feet in the air is so much cooler than jerking your waggle stick around.

01a cool.jpg

01b cool.jpg

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